Benefits of choosing Kingston Gate:

No more negotiations to reduce commissions.
Free listing for both brokers and property owners.
Guaranteed savings on broker commissions. Click here to learn about your savings! 
Save time and money.
Schedule a time for site visits with brokers.
For owners, an option to use a broker and set their own brokerage fee while posting a free property listing.
Incentives and cashback in new projects.
No need to take multiple appointments with multiple landlords directly.
Switch between multiple brokers.
Free advise on properties.
No need for self research of localities in the absence of experts
Access to personalised service

Without Kingston Gate, the property hunters face one or more of the following issues:

  • Time is compromised to save money and self research of localities.
  • Hard negotiation with multiple brokers.
  • Requires appointment directly with one or more owners as per their availability. 
  • Requires connecting directly with multiple property owners.
  • Requires to keep a tab on properties available.
  • No access to personalised service.
  • Property hunters choose expensive route and pay high brokerage fees.
  • Requires connecting directly with multiple property owners.