FAQs for buyers and tenants

What is Kingston Gate? 

Kingston Gate is a service that offers guaranteed discounts on commissions for property transactions with real estate brokers. We simplify the process by eliminating the need for bargaining, providing a hassle-free experience.

How does Kingston Gate work for customers? 

Customers pay a heavily discounted commission directly to Kingston Gate. This commission is guaranteed to be much lower than what they would typically negotiate on their own. 

Please keep an eye out for our promotional offers, where we occasionally provide zero commission deals.

What are the benefits of using Kingston Gate as a buyer or tenant? 

The benefits include guaranteed lower commission rates, no need for negotiation, and access to professional broker services for property transactions.

How much discount can I expect on commissions? 

The discount ranges from 75% to 100% ( ie; no brokerage) of the standard brokerage fee, depending on the specific transaction and agreement with the broker. We occasionally provide zero commission deals as well. Also visit our saving illustration page : https://kingstongate.com/savings-on-commission-or-brokerage-kingston-gate

Do I need to pay any upfront fees to Kingston Gate? 

No, there are no upfront fees. You only pay the discounted commission after your property transaction is successfully completed.

How does Kingston Gate select brokers? 

We partner with reputable and experienced real estate brokers who meet our standards for quality and professionalism.

What happens if my property transaction does not go through? 

If your transaction does not close, you do not owe any commission to Kingston Gate.

Can I choose my own broker through Kingston Gate? 

Yes, you can choose from our network of partnered brokers or let us match you with one that suits your needs.

Is Kingston Gate available in my area? 

Kingston Gate is continually expanding. Please check our website or contact us to see if we are available in your area.

What types of properties can I buy or rent through Kingston Gate? 

Kingston Gate deals with a wide range of properties including residential homes, commercial properties, and rental units.

Can I use Kingston Gate for selling or renting my property? 

Yes, Kingston Gate can assist with selling or renting properties by connecting you with top real estate brokers who will list and market your property effectively.

You can not only list your property for free, but have an option to choose a broker if you want to and also choose any brokerage fees you are willing to pay.

Can I list my property for free on Kingston Gate for selling or renting my property? 

Yes, it is always free. We have no subscription schemes like others.

How does Kingston Gate ensure the quality of brokers in their network? 

We vet our brokers based on their experience, client reviews, and track record of successful transactions to ensure you receive top-notch service.

What happens if I'm not satisfied with the broker provided by Kingston Gate? 

If you’re not satisfied, we can reassign you to another broker within our network to ensure your needs are met.

How can I track the progress of my property transaction? 

Kingston Gate provides regular updates and an online dashboard where you can track the status of your transaction in real-time.

Can I get a refund if I am not happy with the service? 

Our satisfaction guarantee ensures that if you're not satisfied with our service, we will work with you to resolve any issues. Specific refund policies depend on the situation and terms agreed upon at the start of the transaction.

How do I get started with Kingston Gate? 

Search for properties in your desired location on our website. You can call our partner brokers directly. Alternatively, you can sign up on our website, provide your property details, and we'll connect you with a broker and handle the rest.

FAQs for Brokers

What is Kingston Gate? 

Kingston Gate is a service that connects brokers with customers looking for property transactions and free marketing for brokers without any fees for listing properties.

How does Kingston Gate benefit brokers? 

Brokers receive free marketing, enhanced online visibility, and access to a pool of qualified leads. This helps in reducing overall marketing costs and increasing deal closures.

How do brokers earn through Kingston Gate? 

Brokers earn by charging their usual commission fees to sellers. Kingston Gate collects a discounted commission from buyers or tenants and shares part of it the brokers.

Is there a cost for brokers to join Kingston Gate? 

No, there is no cost for brokers to join. We only earn when you close a deal through the leads we provide.

What kind of properties can brokers list with Kingston Gate? 

Brokers can list all types of properties, including residential, commercial, and rental properties.

Can brokers negotiate their own commission rates with sellers or landlords? 

Yes, brokers retain the flexibility to negotiate their commission rates with sellers independently of Kingston Gate.

How does Kingston Gate handle commission payments? 

Buyers or tenants pay the discounted commission directly to Kingston Gate, and brokers receive their commission from the sellers as usual.

What kind of support does Kingston Gate offer to brokers?

We offer marketing support, lead generation, and customer matching services to help you close more deals efficiently.

What kind of marketing support does Kingston Gate provide? 

Kingston Gate provides comprehensive marketing support including online visibility, featured listings, targeted advertising, and access to our network of buyers and tenants.

How does Kingston Gate handle disputes between brokers and clients? 

Kingston Gate offers mediation services to help resolve any disputes that arise between brokers and clients, ensuring a fair and satisfactory outcome for both parties.

How do brokers receive leads from Kingston Gate? 

Brokers receive leads through our online platform, where clients are matched based on their property needs and the broker’s area of expertise.

What is the process for brokers to update their listings on Kingston Gate? 

Brokers can easily update their listings through our online platform, ensuring that all property information is current and accurate.

Are there any exclusive contracts with Kingston Gate for brokers? 

No, brokers are not required to sign exclusive contracts with Kingston Gate and can continue to work with their existing clients and other platforms.

How does Kingston Gate handle customer feedback for brokers? 

Customer feedback is collected and reviewed regularly. Positive feedback helps improve your visibility on our platform, while constructive criticism is used to enhance service quality.

What training or resources does Kingston Gate provide to brokers? 

Kingston Gate offers training sessions, webinars, and resource materials to help brokers improve their skills and stay updated with industry trends.

How quickly can brokers expect to see results from using Kingston Gate? 

Many brokers see results within the first few months as they gain access to new leads and benefit from increased online visibility.

How do I sign up as a broker with Kingston Gate? 

You can sign up on our website by providing your professional details, and we will get in touch with you to complete the onboarding process.